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Ruffoni® x S.Pellegrino Olivewood Charcuterie Board

Ruffoni® x S.Pellegrino Olivewood Charcuterie Board

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Known for artisanal quality kitchenware, Ruffoni created a stunning addition to your charcuterie presentation. Crafted of natural Italian olivewood, prized for its strength and beauty, the minimalist design showcases its bold grain and unique color. Inlaid with Ruffoni’s signature copper ring for a premium look and engraved with the iconic S.Pellegrino logo. Made in Italy, this board the perfect size for serving heaps of charcuteries, a well-curated cheese spread as well as beautiful breads and pastries. 

Exact color and grain patterns will naturally vary. Made of natural olivewood and carved and sanded by hand to bring out the striking color variations and grain patterns of this noble material. Its beauty lies in its uniqueness – no two cutting boards are exactly the same.


• 18” L x 8” W x 1” H
• Made of olivewood & copper
• Made in Italy

Avoid direct exposure to intense heat or sunlight.
Hand-wash with warm, soapy water and let dry in vertical position. This will allow water to evaporate fully and prevent the appearance of mold.
As wood is naturally porous, avoid soaking. Do not use chemical detergents and do not clean in dishwasher.
For a deeper clean, rub olivewood with coarse salt and lemon. Alternatively, use a soft sponge with sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice. Always rinse with warm water and let dry fully before storing.
Periodically coat with a small amount of food-grade mineral oil, rubbing gently with a soft cloth. Do not use vegetable or olive oils.
Color and pattern variations are characteristic of the natural wood and are not manufacturing defects.

The Ruffnoi story began when Antonio Ruffoni crafted his first copper pan in 1932 to celebrate the birth of his first son. Thirty years later, the Ruffoni Company was founded in the northern Italian town of Omenga. Today, the Ruffoni family continues to handcraft premium quality copper cookware, pots, and pans with an unwavering commitment to beauty, functionality, and the joy of conviviality. Discover more at

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